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Why should you advertise your real estate FSBO on Simple. We provide maximum exposure for your individual for sale by owner real estate listing at the lowest possible cost... 100% Free.

Here comparison chart of our for sale by owner website services vs. other FSBO sites. We suggest that you advertise on our site, since it's free (you have nothing to lose except exposure) but also feel free to advertise on any of the other sites if you have the additional money... remember you goal is to get maximum exposure for your property to get it SOLD!


For Sale by Owner



$89.95 monthly,
up to $899 + 3%
$69.95 up to $499.95 + 3% $29.95 up to $129.95

Personal Listing ID


Property Photos

6 6 8 5
Property Description R R R R
Privacy Protected Email R R R R
Home Page "Featured" listing R $$$ R $$$
Real-time Visitor Statistics R R    
Virtual Tour Links R R    
Personalized Mortgage Calculator for Your Listing R     R 
Privacy Protected Phone R     $$$
"Do Not Call" Registry Notice R      
Map Search of Listings R      
Satellite Views of Your Listing R      
Google Earth KML file R      
RSS Feed of Your FSBO Listing R      
School Information Link R      

Your individual FSBO listing appears in search engine results


Open-House Advertising

Total clicks from home page to view FSBO listings and photos 1 click 2 clicks 2 clicks 2 clicks
Your FSBO listing automatically syndicated to other top websites like Google, Oodle, Lycos... R    
Buyers Mortgage Pre-Qualification Calculator R
Compare Multiple Purchase Offers Calculator R
Email Marketing Tool R

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For Sale by Owner Real Estate Marketing Made Easy

When you post your free FSBO real estate listing on For Sale by Owner we automatically distribute your real estate listing to all of the top sites.

No more posting your listing on multiple sites and trying to manage all of them when you change your description or price. Any changes made on your listing is automatically changed in all of these sites 

For Sale by Owner - Place Your Listing with Us and it Automatically Appears on These Sites Below
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Additionally, we provide you with a simple exclusive for sale by owner real estate marketing email tool. According to the NAR 2005 Buyers & Sellers Study 16% of the time buyers found the property they purchase by "word of mouth" of family, friends and work associates. Our email tool allows you to notify everyone in your email address book in less than 1 minute and 3 clicks! 

How Can Offer All This For Free?

In every real estate transactions their are many real estate related services that are involved to make your transaction happen whether selling FSBO or using a REALTOR. For example, appraisers, mortgage companies, title, escrow, attorney's etc. These services are very motivated to help you close your deal so they can receive compensation for their services rendered. So even if there is no REALTOR involved, these real estate services will be required. is free for home sellers because of the local advertising of these required services in our Local Real Estate Services Directory. We make it easy for you to find the services your need and the services are happy to assist you, the "For Sale by Owner" home seller.

Please help us keep this service free by working with the local real estate service professionals who understand your needs! Please note that we NEVER sell your information to any of the advertisers. 

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